Merry + Bright Christmas Party

merry and bright christmas party

It’s officially here: the most wonderful time of the year! It should be no surprise to all of you that I love Christmas. Between the lights, the decorations, and everyone coming together to celebrate, it’s basically my own personal heaven. 

As much as I love the holidays, this year I grew a little tired of the classic deep red and forest green. So when it came time to style my own soiree, I went with a pretty and playful palette that put everyone in the holiday spirit!

merry and bright felt garland with gold fringe galrand

Christmas Colors with a Cute Twist

When creating my party’s color schemes, I chose to decorate with teal and pink (a fun twist on the standard Christmas colors). And after checking out this adorable holiday garland, I was inspired to give the space an even more whimsical and youthful vibe by adding felt ball garlands from Elizabeth and Lo (@elizabethandlo) and playful shades of mint and orange. These colors may seem “off the wall” for a holiday party, but they breathed new life into our amazing party space!

felt garland

Fun and Festive Decor

Christmas is a time of magic and wonder for kids (and kids at heart), so I really wanted to capture that fun, carefree vibe that little ones have this time of year. Brenda at Festive Fetti (@festivefetti) offered us an amazing selection of confetti, featuring stars and Christmas trees. We scattered them on simple white linens from Table Occasions (@tableoccassions) and presto: instant party!

merry and bright christmas plates

And because I styled this party with the little ones in mind, I needed one thing most of all: balloons! After all, I wanted to impress my littlest guests — and so I cranked the balloon factor up to eleven. 

giant gingerbread man balloon

My friends at Palloncino (@palloncinomx) designed an amazing Christmas tree out of teal, green, and red balloons (topped with a holographic star, of course), and I brought out this precious mylar gingerbread man to join the party. The pictures — taken by the amazing Alejandra Saldaña (@alesaldanaphoto) — say it all: our models Jeannie, Miles, and Marley (@string_fields) were OBSESSED! 

merry and bright christmas decorations

giant gingerbread man balloon

giant ornament balloons

giant gingerbread man balloon

Treats and Toys

Now it’s time to talk about one of my favorite parts of any party: the treats! For this shindig, Tinas Treats Texas (@tinastreatstexas) provided us with a delicious pair of cakes. These white- and teal-frosting-covered beauties were SOOOO good, and they looked amazing on our Christmas-print party plates! And because one dessert is never enough on Christmas, Sweet Dessert Cookie Co (@sweetdesertcookieco) provided us with adorable cookies shaped like presents, trees, and ornaments.

colorful christmas cake

merry and bright christmas party plates

colorful christmas cake

pom pom cupcake toppers

colorful christmas cake

christmas cookies

colorful nutcrackers  christmas ornament

And, of course, I couldn’t expect my guests to go home empty-handed — it’s Christmas! Thankfully, we had some wonderful friends come through with amazing favors for everyone; Sherbet with Sprinkles (@sherbetwithsprinkles) provided us with cute Christmasy hair clips for Marley, and Finite Little Gems (@finitelittlegems) gifted the girls with some super cute camper necklaces! 

Christmas camper necklace 

Finally, the MeParty Christmas Collection has tons of goodies you can hand out as fun and festive party favors. From candy cane ornaments and mini wooden nutcrackers to sparkly temporary tattoos, this collection has everything you need to make your guests’ holidays “merry and bright!”

merry and bright christmas paper plates

candy cane christmas ornament

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, full of fun parties with the people you love most.

I also want to give a shout out to the wonderful people who made this photoshoot possible — thanks to:

  • Jeannie, Miles, and Marley (@string_fields) for being our beautiful models
  • Photographer Alejandra Saldaña (@alesaldanaphoto) for these amazing shots
  • Table Occasions (@tableoccassions) for our table linens and chairs
  • Palloncino (@palloncinomx) for creating our awesome balloon Christmas tree
  • Brenda at Festive Fetti (@festivefetti) for providing us with cupcake toppers and confetti
  • Tina’s Treats Texas (@tinastreatstexas) for our delicious cakes 
  • Sweet Desert Cookie Co (@sweetdesertcookieco) for making us some adorable cookies
  • Sherbet with Sprinkles (@sherbetwithsprinkles) for Marley’s adorable Christmas hair clips
  • Finite Little Gems (@finitelittlegems) for our cute camper necklaces
  • And finally, thanks to Elizabeth and Lo (@elizabethandlo) for the adorable felt garland.



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