Creating a Frida Inspired Celebration!


Hello Friends! 
As an event stylist, I have done all kinds of events and themes. All beautiful and memorable in their own way, but since we were close to launching our new business and website, I decided that the first collection I wanted to create was something that captured my essence as a designer. This quickly reminded me of a woman whom I’ve admired for her artistic expression...Frida Kahlo! What better theme that ties into my Mexican roots and my love for art.

I was inspired by Frida’s art (of course!), but most importantly by how she came to be. Her style is commonly labeled as naïve folk art. Which in short means that her art does not come from formal education or training, but simply created through the inspiration of pop culture during her lifetime. This resonates deep within me, as it was relatable to my turn of career path. My education wasn't meant for creating authentic and beautiful spaces of celebration, but it simply just happened! I felt a sense of belonging through my inspiration of today's pop culture in event styling. It was meant to be; it felt right and natural much like I assume Frida felt when creating her masterpieces.

The Frida Collection was inspired by all of this; some whimsical details such as soft and bright colors, natural vegetation, Mexican candy, market bags, and paletas...Yum!

Desert Table

Let’s begin with the design of the dessert table. I wanted something that would give the feeling of being inside Frida’s home. So my first thought was to gather all my houseplants and a soft colored background. Combining this with the bright colors of our Mexican market bags and balloons took this styling on the right track.


Like I said before, I love the arts and for the creation of this cake, I wanted to capture a more gentle and cute version of Frida. My friend Sylvia, at
Tiers and Flour, did a mesmerizing job with this cake. The cute Frida portrait was absolutely perfect with its beautiful attention to detail and colors. The embroidered flowers also gave a wonderful texture and an authentic Mexican feel.The soft teal color of the cake along with the golden accents were a gorgeous blend that made details...POP!



For decor, there is something about adding natural elements that makes everything look and feel better. A
 fairly inexpensive way of creating a much softer and airy approach to any party theme, I went ahead and used my house plants for this styling. Feel free to include objects that are already near hand and at home. To add a little extra fun and a playful touch, I added some of the cactus cookies to the mini terracotta pots; I glued some pom-pom ribbon to them and voila! You have the cutest decoration for any fiesta-inspired party!



Bright Floral Tableware Collection’s pretty floral patterns set the tone for this Frida fiesta! I paired them with our gold straws, artisan confetti, and the cutest pink cutlery. Our MeParty supplies were coming together beautifully!



I wanted to match the cute design of our
fun tattoos with the decoration on the sweets. My friend Daniela at Pane Refinatto created the cutest hand painted cactus and bird cookies. I love how small details can make all the difference! The potted cactus cookies were the perfect centerpiece for this fun tablescape!

Photo Backdrop

the best way to celebrate is by taking photos to look back on! I created a Piñata Inspired Fringe Backdrop so our guests could take a picture with their little ones. The vibrant colors made the space feel happy and festive! The Boho-Mexican chair gave us a nice rustic feel–something we couldn't forget being as we were inspired by Frida's home.

Details: Flowers, Earrings & Paletas

Frida’s bold and unique fashion style inspired me to have bright and colorful flower crowns for all our guests. Mary & Julie at
Desert Modern Florals did an amazing job with these gorgeous natural handmade crowns. They definitely made a beautiful statement with those vibrant hues!

Our Friend Ruby from La Casa Frida sent us some of her handmade Mexican earrings. They were the perfect accessory for our cute mommas!

She also sent us some of her little Fridas, and they were an absolute hit! Not only were they adorable, but they were also the perfect kid-friendly decor for our sweet dessert table. All the little girls loved them!

The perfect ending to this festive party was having paletas in a vintage ice pop cart from Paleta Fiesta. It looked adorable, tasted amazing and was definitely the cherry-on-top!

Celebrating in whatever way is always fun and special but this theme really hit home. I had such a great time creating an easy and vibrant way to kick off this birthday bash. If there's one thing we know, it’s that MeParty is for all party lovers! Don't forget to check out our Fiesta Time with Frida Collection and buy yours today. Till next time, let's party!

Interested in how to create our colorful Piñata Fringe backdrop? Stay tuned for an exclusive DIY on our Fiesta Backdrop. We can't wait to share how fun and simple it was to make, turning a good party into an amazing party!
A very special thank you to:
Our amazing and talented friend Alejandra Saldaña for the beautiful photos. Thank you for your amazing talent and for believing in MeParty! Couldn’t have done it without you!
MeParty for Styling & Party supplies
Tiers & Flour for the Cake
La Casa Frida for the Mini Fridas & Earrings 
Pane Raffinato for the Cookies
Desert Modern Florals for Boho Chair & Flower Crowns 
Paleta Fiesta for the Paletas


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