A Spooktacular Pink Halloween Party

pink halloween

There is always something about Fall that gets me really excited. The weather starts to cool down, pumpkin spice flavor is everywhere, pumpkin patches start to pop up and my favorite dress-up holiday is near…yes, it's Halloween time!

Let me first start off by saying that I am a H U G E scaredy cat! So my love for Halloween is focused on a more charming version rather than the usual frightening version. With that said, I like to play with bright and warm colors, fun textures and spooky effects when hosting a BOO-tiful Halloween party!

This year, we decked out the bash with some hues of pink and iridescent sparks, it was a fresh take on your basic Halloween scheme. felt like this beautiful collection of cute skulls, mini ghosts, moons that shine and the addition of the pink color plates were the perfect party ware for our SPOOK-tacular yet not so spooky party!

skull plates, ghost plate, ghost napkin

balloon garland, halloween , pink

Let's get this party started! We all know that sweets are a must at a Halloween party, and this one couldn't be the exception. I designed a mini set-up for sweet treats where our friend, Alejandra from Palloncino, created the most un-BOO-lievable balloon installation to match our party color palette. I then added some silver fringe, cute Iridescent ghost plates and flying paper bats to complete the look. 

halloween cupcakes, halloween cupcake toppers

pink halloween dessert table

pink halloween cupcakes

Let's creep it real, being a mom of three can easily get pretty chaotic. So if you are like me, be sure to grab your favorite cupcakes from your local bakery and dress them up with this fabulous halloween cupcake kit. It was fast and easy to decorate and ended up looking very adorable! 

I Trick or Treated my guests with some adorable cookies made by our friend Yazmin at Candy BoutiqueThey were an absolute hit for adults and kids, and can always be used as the perfect take-away memory!

halloween cookies, ghost cookies

halloween drink station, halloween backdrop

just here for the boos wine glasses

halloween cups, halloween holographic cups

halloween wine glass, just here for the boos

With little to no time, balancing being a super mom, wife and business owner - it was important for me to create something simple that would be a lot of fun for both the kids and grown-ups. Apart from using these fun halloween icon cups, iridescent party straws and silver holographic tumbler cups; I also used some fun “Happy Hallo-wine” & “Just Here For The Boos” wine glasses for the mummies! Glasses were made by our friend Lluvia at KA Innovations. Add some spider webs here and there along with my giant spider balloons, and you get a sure hit decor in no time at all!

halloween party , pink halloween party warepink and blush pumpkins centerpieces, halloween pumpkins centerpiece

pumpkin centerpieces, halloween pumpkin decor


skull plate, ghost napkin

pink iridescent halloween plate

holographic tumbler cup

neon skull plate

The kid’s table is always the most fun to decorate. The trick is to always remember to be practical while remaining true to the execution of the party! For the centerpieces I purchased some plastic pumpkins that were only in need of some spray paint to fit the look I was looking for. The final touch were some flying paper bats that would truly give the tables-cape a decent amount of spooky vibes!

halloween tableware, pink halloween plates

The Halloween iridescent tableware I picked for our party ( iridescent ghost plates, neon skull plateshalloween icon sideiridescent plates, holographic ghost napkins, pink cutlery , halloween icon cup and silver holographic tumbler cups) definitely made the table look trendy and fun! But let's not forget about the gorgeous velvet linens from our friends at Table Occasions. The mixture of the texture really tied the whole look together and kept my style consistent and clean!

Don't forget the photo-booth! This is an essential to any party and adds and extra layer of oomph! We simply added these moon and star holographic foil balloons on a black wall. Don't have an extra black wall at hand? Purchase some cardstock or black butcher paper to add onto a wall. After, add tape to the wall and paste the balloons to it, no helium required. Abracadabra! You have a spectacular backdrop for your guests to take photos.

pink halloween party hatsDon’t forget the props, these mini star witch hats and adorable handmade party hats by our friend Lissa from August Root, it sure made the photo-booth experience that much more fun!

halloween party invitationLastly, what good is a party without an equally spooktacular invitation?! Our talented friend Yasmin from Coffee Creative Co designed the perfect invitations to match the theme, as well as our cute skull plates! Hope a peek into our Halloween party inspired your bones to create a witchy good time this coming month. 


A very special thank you to:

Our talented friend Alejandra Saldaña for the amazing photos!

MeParty Styling & Party Supplies

August Root Handmade Party Hats

Candy Boutique Cookies

Coffee Creative Co. Invitation

KA Innovations Wine Glasses

Palloncino Balloon Installation

Table Occasions Linens



  • Hello,

    I love this look and inspiration for my gender reveal this Halloween. Can someone help me retrieve the looks from the website as it is not working nor is it saying it is available.


    candice Galindo

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